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How many EPDM fleck for gym rubber flooring?

10%, 20%, 50% and 100% are normal.

What is your MOQ?

300 SQM for normal specification.

How can I get samples?

Please contact our salesman and we will sent FREE samples with freight collect.

What kind of rubber flooring is suitable for heavy area?

More than 6mm rubber rolls flooring or rubber tiles with higher density.

What is thickness for rubber rolls?


What is the size of rubber tiles?

50*50 cm/100*100 cm or customized.

What is the thickness of rubber tiles?


Do I need to use the adhesive to install the interlocking tiles?

No, the weight of interlocking tiles are enough to keep itself from moving.

How can I maintain interlocking rubber tiles?

Water solution or damp mop with mild soap is OK, rubber flooring are durable and the frequency of maintenance is low.

What kind of surface are suitable for rubber tiles?

Concrete, Asphalt is the best choice. The surface need to be flat and hard even any heavy rain.

What is the lifespan of rubber tiles?

More than 5 years in normal use.

Where can rubber tiles used?

All different playground need to fall absorbing, paths, backyard and walk ways and so on. Both indoor and outdoor.

How can we maintain the rubber tiles?

Water solution or mild detergent (non-petroleum base) will be OK.

Can I install rubbber flooring by myself?

Yes. DIY is no problem.


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