The Floor Trader Futures System


Are you about to pay $3000 for a $500 trading system?



Futures trading courses and systems are offered for sale at prices ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

Many of these trading methods are not new or original. Often they are based on information found in trading books or articles written decades ago. In some cases they are old trading methods repackaged in new books (or made into software), and sold at high prices.

The original sources of these methods are sometimes obscure and unknown to the general public.

If you know where to look, however, some of  these high-priced futures trading systems can be traced back to their original source Рat a much lower price.


And there are some trading methods, of recent design, known only to a few Chicago traders, the few that actually make a living from trading – rather than from hawking books, software, and seminars.


I am an ex-floor trader and broker living in Chicago.

The basis of this system was told to me several years ago by a veteran floor trader at the Mid- America exchange in Chicago. He had two futures accounts: one for his day trading, and another for “position” trading, using this method almost exclusively. He was a millionaire and traded large positions, but he started his career with a small account. He made the millions from the market, using his methods, over several years. (He was a contemporary of Richard Dennis). He didn’t mention who created the system.

The system was originally created for position trading. I developed some variations which work for day trading stock index futures.

Variations of this trading system are known to a handful of people in the Chicago trading community. I have been told of one individual who charges $1000 for instruction, using one of the variations.

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Post time: Jun-09-2017
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